Monday, March 15, 2010

Hynes Tavern 5 Miler RP

I convinced my mom that this Hynes Tavern 5 miler road race would be super cool. So we both signed up. I was a little miffed with the cost. It was $30. Yeah, $30 dollars for small local 5 miler seemed a bit steep to me. I swear I'm not cheap, just practical. The race was definitely worth the price though. Awesome tech long sleeve shirts, a very cool finisher's medal, and clocks at every mile. It's one of the most well organized races I've run. Well organized races are just awesome!

Although the race itself was well done, the weather was miserable. Basically the same weather we were blessed with for BayState. 38 degrees and a lot of rain. It really wasn't so bad though. Bad weather seems more tolerable for shorter distances. I had a great time listening to people banter around us. I have this feeling that only the really hard core runners showed up, and they're a blast to listen to! After the race, my mom kept saying, "there were only lunatics there today!" I pointed out that she too showed up for the race, but she's still not convinced that she's of the hard core persuasion.

The actual running of the race was fairly uneventful. Mostly wet...and cold. My mom ran well. Turns out she was feeling tired too, so she ran even better considering she wasn't feeling up for it. Our splits were:

Mile 1: 8:30
Mile 2: 8:30
Mile 3: 8:30
Mile 4: 8:50
Mile 5: 7:47

Afterward my mother told me that she was seriously considering stopping at mile 3. And I said, "Hmmm, cold, wet weather is powerful motivation for not stopping eh?" She agreed. Anyway mile 4 was definitely the most challenging aspect of the race for her, and then she was able to kick it in with an awesome last mile! I am amazed that she ran such an incredible last mile feeling tired and yucky. Her PR in the mile is 7:40, so she almost ran a mile PR at the end of a 5 miler! Nice! Our final chip time was 42:07.

Here are some photos from the race. I love them! Everyone looks so hard core!

Okay, I am not disgusted that my mom is drinking water (which is how it looks). I'm really trying to figure out if she wants to stop and walk while she drinks, because I cannot drink from those paper cups unless I'm walking.

Here I look like I'm really hurting, but I swear I wasn't. The cold wetness was a little uncomfortable, but I was actually very comfy throughout the race. It was only at the start and finish when I wasn't running that I had trouble. Oh and yes, I'm now 16 weeks pregnant, which you can't really tell from the picture (only because it isn't a profile shot though). I do have a baby belly now. I have to glide my belly before I run to prevent chaffing. Phew, that was a little embarrassing to admit!

Speaking of running in general, my overall running this week was great. I've been feeling good. I ran a bit faster and longer than last week. Not on purpose, it just sort of happened. Today I was feeling tired though, so I opted to take the day off. It's been almost 3 weeks since I've felt tired enough to take a day off! Before that, I was taking one or two days off a week. That first trimester is exhausting!

Training Journal 3/8 - 3/14
Total Miles: 55
Total Time Running: 7:49
Average Pace: 8:31


Julie said...

Hi Katie,
I love it that you and your mom are running buds:) You two did awesome...way to finish strong!! Tell your mom that I think she is doing awesome!! She is such an inspiration for women her age!! I am guessing that she is most likely placing for her age group! You look so cute and are an inspiration for other pregnant running mothers!! Way to keep moving! It really does look cold in those I am glad to hear that it was actually okay to run in. Nice job for your weekly miles:) I hope that you are feeling well and that you have a lovely week!

Meg said...

How cute, I've never thought about belly chaffing for pregnant gals. I guess that could be a little uncomfortable. You look great, girl! Keep up the nice running and you're so lucky to be able to run with your mom!

Michelle said...

Great time! I can't drink from those cups while running either..

Running and living said...

Honestly, your running times do not look like those of a 16 week pregnant woman. And I know you ran relaxed! Just awesome! And you look great, too! I think we need to see some belly pictures to actually believe that there is a baby in there:) Congrats to you and your mom!

lindsay said...

55 mile week and a solid race with your mom! technically there were 3-generations running in that one right? :)

...more often than not 5k's around here are $30.... so for a 5 miler that would be a bargain to me!

Jenn said...

You don't look pregnant at all! There were no questions when I was! Great job running with your mom! My mom is running her first race (5K) this May. I'm so excited for her. Weather looked terrible. I'm trying to remember the last time I ran a race in ideal conditions! Oh-now I remember-NEVER! Why is that?! Anyway, congrats to you both!!

Jill said...

That's so cool you and your mom ran the race together, so very fun! I love the race pictures, you guys look so awesome and I like your mom wearing green, she's easy to spot! You're running some wicked miles there...good for you!