Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running, Random Rant, and Nike Frees!

Last week I had another good running week. Well, a bit slower, but still good. I ran 57 miles at an average pace of 8:48. My fastest run last week was an 8 miler at 8:09 pace, slower than the previous week's 7:55 pace, but instead being 50 degrees it was 65 degrees. I'm not going to complain. I'm pleased with how my running is going.

I had a prenatal visit this week, which has nothing to do with running, but I'm feeling compelled to share my shock. Don't worry, all is well with me and the baby. My shock came when my doctor informed me she'd be leaving the practice on July 18 and her replacement wouldn't be ready until September. I'm due at the end of August so that leaves me with 6 weeks of pregnancy and probably a birth with no doctor. I. was. shocked.

She explained why she's leaving, and I get it. She has a one year old son and had expressed concerns to her employer about working 80 hours a week right from the baby's birth. The hospital sort of tried to alleviate her concerns, but they didn't really, and so a year later she's still working like crazy. I do completely understand her reasons, I just wish it wasn't happening during my last 6 weeks of pregnancy. Oh well. I think I've found another doctor, but I still need to make phone calls and an appointment to meet her.

And to make my craziness complete, now that I'm huge I'm starting to get more comments at work. I work with mostly male engineers, and in case you were not aware, many engineers have a tendency to be socially challenged. Something that usually doesn't bother me. They're nice people, they just have trouble socializing at times. Anyway, I received an interesting question to the affect, "hey have you been drinking lots of beer and eating lots of pizza?" Along with another comment/question that went something like, "Oh my god, you're pregnant, but last week you were running, is that safe?" Honestly, sometimes I'm at a loss with how to respond to such questions. I try to take them in stride, but it just so happens that I received both right after I found out my doctor was leaving, so they irritated me more than usual. I actually think they might have offended Nick more than me. He offered to break some heads, but I declined his offer.

I know many of the lady readers out there have been pregnant. Did you receive any odd/interesting comments or questions during your pregnancy? Do you feel like sharing? I'd love to hear them!

Okay, so that was my random rant for the week, back to some running news. I finally broke down and bought a pair of Nike Frees! I've only run in them twice (a 9 and 10 miler), but so far so good. During my second run I did get a blister on my arch, but every pair of running shoes I've ever owned require a bit of break-in period. You might be wondering what made me finally take the Nike free leap (or maybe you're not but I'm going to tell you anyway). Well, here's the deal. My Mizuno Waveriders are decent and fairly light, but I've noticed that they are extremely stiff, making it difficult to run with a forefoot stride. They pull on my heels. I also have a pair of Nike racing flats that I run in from time to time, but they are so light that running in them is really like running barefoot, which often makes my calves sore. The Nike Frees have a bit more support than the flats, but they are much more flexible than the Mizunos. I'll have to run in Frees a bit more, but I do like them thus far. Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure. I didn't take the picture, but these are ones I bought.


Julie said...

Hi Katie,
I have always wanted to try the Nike Frees. You will have to let us know how you like them after running in them more.

Don't let those guy's comments get to you. I think they just don't know that it is okay for women to run when they are pregnant. Take it as a compliment...they are just worried about you:) Funny about your hubby offering to break some heads:)

I am sorry to hear that you need to switch doctors...hopefully whoever delivers your baby will be a good fit for you:) Wow, you are six months already! You are going to have that baby before you know it:)

Running and living said...

Yay, you got the last version of the frees. Love them!
When I was pregnant I stopped telling people that I exercised. I got tired of explaining. Not much else, really. Oh, did I tell you that I started my residency at MGH while 7 months pregnant? Yes, fun times meeting everyone over there:)
I am pissed for you about the doctor issue! Not right, for sure. Glad you found another one, though:)

X-Country2 said...

Boo on the doctor issue. That's pretty much the LAST thing you need.

And totally yes on the pregnant lady comments! (I have a whole post drafted abotu the comments I heard at the race this weekend.) Like, all of a sudden everyone is my doctor? Mind your own business people.

lindsay said...

hahaha. engineers. yikes. they are SO awkward. i can say that because i work with them too and they are awkard! i can also say that b/c i am marrying one, LOL. :)

got to love those "funny" comments they come up with.

that stinks about your doc! hope you find a new one that you are comfortable with soon.

arsarca said...

hi there; just found your blog. i heart nike frees. they're the best. i'm getting into barefoot running, too, which seems to be helping with some knee and hip issues i have.

and sucks to hear about the men. i was in academia during my first pregnancy, and when i started showing the similarly socially retarded asses there responded by *entirely ignoring me* unless prompted by necessity. some demographics don't handle pregnancy well--other people's, even!

Colette said...

Love this post...well, I'm not loving the doctor issue. That stinks, is unfair and I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with such a big change. I hope it has all worked out. As for comments....YES! I had some funny looks at the pool when I got out after lap swim and the 9 month belly was visible. Then there was the co-worker that wouldn't get off my case (and everyone else's) for days about how she thought I shouldn't be eating my stonyfield farms yogurt because of the cultures in yogurt- and then there was the day she followed me and my lunch back to my office to ask what kind of sandwich I was eating because she thought pregnant women weren't supposed to eat deli meat. It was a stinking veggie burger, not deli meat. Argh....the comments! As soon as you get pregnant everyone else becomes an expert! Great job on the running!

k said...

I think it would throw me for a loop if I was pregnant and found out my doctor was leaving me. I hope the new doctor works out!

And I agree- I'd love to hear a review of the frees.

Meg said...

I didn't run while I was pregnant but I wish I had! I did run track with a girl who ran up until her 7.5 month. She didn't do fast speed work but she did laps and kept running the whole time. People were kind of akward with her because not many women run but all in all, she was so confident that no one questioned her after a while. I think it's interesting how everyone thinks they need to say "something."
You must be a little upset about the doctor situation, I actually feel sorry for the doctor sounds like she was OVER it, over having so much work!

Jill said...

Excellent mileage for May, yay!! That's a total bummer about the doctor, it's hard to build a strong trust but hopefully you've found a good replacement. I just ran my own thing when I was pregnant and no one really said much...but I also didn't work with engineers!! Ha. Continue doing what you do, you know your own bod! :) That baby's going to be here soon!!!!

shetha said...

Hi again! I work with a bunch of techie engineers but they are all older than me, so they don't really get too awkward about the pregnancy thing (this is my third, anyway. I've taught them everything they know ;-). My husband actually works at Nike, and I have a few sets of frees, but I haven't actually run in them, yet. I tried the lunarlites which are light, but more supportive, and I ended up with a baker's cyst (knee inflammation thing). I've been sticking with my Vomero's. Afraid to make a change now and incur injury (not that I run that fast... 9min/mi is a good day, for me!)