Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hampton Half - 1:36:11

This will be short. Maybe I'll write more in a few days. I ran the Hampton half marathon today. My goal was to run 1:40 or better, and I wound up with 1:36:11! Yay! Not a PR, but it's been a rough winter for me (with a new baby and yucky sicknesses). Therefore, 1:36 is looking pretty good to this running lady.

The race went went okay. It was cold and windy and after 7 miles or so my chest started to feel tight. Running hard in the cold is a trigger for my asthma. While I was running, I felt like I could run faster, but I felt like I couldn't run faster. Yeah I know that makes no sense, but to me that's what the asthma feels like. I feel like I should be moving, but just can't seem to do it. I did manage to run negative splits for the first 10 miles. My first mile was 7:42 pace. The miles just kept getting faster until I hit 7:08 pace for a couple. Around 10 miles, I started slowing down a bit. The last three miles were still faster than 7:42 though, which felt good.

I didn't taper for the race. My mileage this week was right at 50. The half was important to me, but the marathon in May is more important, and with my lack of good training this winter I didn't feel like I could afford to taper. I'm glad I didn't taper, I'm not sure I could have run much faster in the cold anyway.

According the training calculators out there with a 1:36 half, I should be able to pull off a 3:22 full. I don't know what my training paces will be yet, but with the new Boston marathon standards I'll probably train for a 3:30 and hope for 3:35.

Oh and I'd like to say congrats to my mom who ran 2:02:01. Go Mom! She actually wanted to run slower than that because she's running the Hyannis marathon next week, but I think the cold probably made her move faster.

I'd also like to say congrats to Ana-Maria, who is a running rock-star! She ran 1:32 and was the 3rd female finisher! Awesome!

Maybe I'll have some pics later in the week!


Running and living said...

Katie, I am in owe of you! Who runs 1:36 on so little training, 4-5 months after having a baby??? You do! Plus the asthma! I have no doubt that you are going to get a 3:30 or better in May. Injury was what kept you from getting that when we ran Baystate together, training wise we were at the same level! It seems like you figured out how to stay injury free so you will be unstopable. Congrats to your mom, and good luck to her next week! It was so good to see you Katie!

Stefanie Schocke said...

Agree with "Running and Living" amazing! After having a baby, sickness, breast infection,, I'd be happy with a 1:36 any time! :)

Congrats to you and your mom! Now I need to know your secret to your quickness :)

The Happy Runner said...

Great race! Sounds like you didn't need the taper at all, and probably a good idea not to since it wasn't your goal race. That's how I handled my 15k, too. I figured it was a test but not worthy of a taper. Save the taper for the A race!

Amazing job. Congrats!!

lindsay said...

Congrats! A 1:36 is a strong time to me :) and way better than your goal of 1:40. Cold air triggers my asthma too :-/ and I definitely know the feeling you described. Your legs/mind/body want to move but your lungs are holding you back. Congrats to your mom as well!

Emz said...

That is an awesome time!

Congrats!!!! Go get your 3:22!!

You've got it!

Jacqueline said...

Nice job on the half!
I saw your post about body shape post-partum. I feel your pain. I am back to my pre-baby weight, too, but things definitely shifted during flight. I feel like my tummy is all saggy now, yuck.

I see your mom is running Hyannis. I ran that pregnant in 2008, and really enjoyed it.

Jenn said...

Awesome! 1:36 is fantastic especially considering the circumstances! Super job:)

Marathon in May...I doubt sub 3:30 would be a problem:) Congrats to your mom as well! How fun that she runs marathons too!

Congrats again on a great race! Ana Maria IS a rockstar as are you!

Anonymous said...

WOW, 1:36 post baby and sicky-icky with no taper? Great job! With more ideal weather and a good taper you'll rock it out in May for sure!

Kudos to your Mom, I hope she has a super marathon this weekend!

Aron said...

SO awesome!!!! you totally blew away your goal and really that is an incredible time especially considering being sick and just having a baby! you are amazing :)