Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What would you do with 2 extra hours?

What does tapering mean? For me, it means that I had two extra hours last week. And what did I do with all that extra time? No, I didn't take a nap. Although napping would have been awesome, having a sick 13 month old and a crazy 4 year old doesn't make nap time an option. So I carved a pumpkin. Let me just say that pumpkin carving is not nearly as satisfying as a two hour run, but Kaylee loves it.

I did the carving, but she scooped guts and picked the carving design. I'm pretty sure scooping the guts is why Kaylee loves pumpkin carving. Emily was also a big fan of the guts. (She got her little baby paws on the guts bowl. And wow, it took her like 2 seconds to throw those pumpkin guts around.) Here's our jack-o-lantern.

As far as running goes, there's not much to report. I did do a 3 x 1 mile repeat workout that went 6:09, 6:19, 6:30. Clearly, I did the first repeat too fast. Also, it was 75 degrees out, which is a little warm for this time of year. I did some running with Emily in the jogging stroller too. When Kaylee started school a few weeks ago, it allowed me to start running with Emily in the BOB. Pushing that running stroller is hard work!

Other than that, I'm thinking about a music play list for the big day. I also ordered some Ascics arm warmers, that I'm excited to try out. Oh, and if anyone can control the weather, could you please arrange for a sunny 50-55 degree day on October 16th? At the very least, I'd like it to be cooler rather than warmer. Thanks!


lindsay said...

the pumpkin turned out cute! i can imagine the pumpkin gut mess after they got their hands on the goop :)

as long as it warms up later in the day, it can be 50* for you on race morning until you finish :)

Michelle said...

What would I do with an extra 2 hours? Probably clean! Carving a pumpkin sounds like more fun!

Good luck on your run!! I can't wait to hear how it goes. I will be starting official training soon for a Feb marathon, but I am not optimistic that my body will hold up!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Really hoping you are NOT sick!
My legs are back to life. I am feeling really good.
Hope I am not jinxing myself.
What I would do with 2 hours? I would ideally sleep. In reality I am going to do extra work.

Jenn said...

Thinking of you today! Hope your taper is going well. Ummm-my mile PR is like 6:11-ha! Nice repeats there. I have a real GUT feeling you will SMOKE this race. Best of luck to you!