Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Staying Positive

Illness is still lingering in our household, but overall we're on the mend. I'm running again, but my lungs are protesting the effort. Today I ran an easy 5 miles at 8:30 pace. My legs were good to go and I wasn't gasping for breath, but my chest was tight and there was wheezing afterwards. I could be irritated, but I'm choosing to stay positive. I mean I did catch a break by having my half marathon before I was super sick, so yay for that. Oh, and Emily has been sleeping until 5:00 am (rather than 4:00), which is huge. HUGE! (Crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that she keeps it up!)

I would like to get back to some real training though (with like workouts and stuff), but for now I have to play the patience game. I had been contemplating running a 20 mile race in Salem this upcoming Sunday, but I hadn't registered yet and given my protesting lungs...running a 20 mile race seems like a bad idea. I think I'll try for an easier 20 mile long run instead. We'll see.

It's hard to believe but the Providence Marathon is about 9 weeks away! For marathons, it's about 8-10 weeks before the race that I begin to focus my training. Now it's time for me to start focussing!

In the spirit of staying positive, here are a few random pics off my phone.

"Mommy Mommy, look what I can do!"

"Rrrroarrrr, I'm a vicious, vicious dragon"
When the going gets tough, the tough crown themselves queen with their daughter's tiara.

I stay positive by taking silly pictures with my phone. How do you stay positive?


Michelle said...

Cute pics!! I hope you are all well soon. I am trying to get my running groove back. I took a week off after my marathon, then ran for a week, then off for a week while we went skiing. Now back and trying to figure out if I really can do this marathon in May. will go for 16 this Saturday and decide after that. Good luck on your 20!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

You look like Snow White in that pic! Love them all!
You are such a laid back runner - I need some of that attitude:)

Raina said...

Well, it sounds like we have had some germs spread back and forth across the internet. Didn't realize that could happen.

What a gift that she's starting to sleep a little longer. I remember having Levi wake at 4 am and feeding him just to get him back to sleep. I can't even remember now if I quit that craziness before or after eugene 2010- he was 10 months when I ran it. It's all a fog now. My sleep issues have more to do with nighttime wettings and kids crawling into my bed. Ah yes..a new chapter.

Keep getting better. I hope you got a little rest, but I know you are not thy type to take an extended vacation :) 20 easy sounds pleasurable.

Love the photos! I think I see the real Katie there :))

Katie said...

@Michelle: Sounds like a good plan! If you can do the 16, then it's in the bag...

@AM: You're funny. Snow White! I think I'm a laid back runner b/c I am so not laid back with anything else. Running lets me let go.

@Raina: It has been really weird how the illnesses in your house and my house have mirrored each other (while we are in completely different parts of the country). And there have been some strange ones this year...And yes, you're seeing the real Katie in that pic...totally a goofball in my PJ's with uncombed hair. ;)

portia said...

Love the tiara!! Maybe you should wear it for the marathon. :)

Char said...

HOpe the family's feeling well soon.

Staying positive is an important topic in my house (husband and son both suffer with depression). I play music loud and sing along with it. I bake cupcakes and make them pretty then give them away. And usually I run - but a bout of Glandular Fever has temporarily stopped that. But I will be back