Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Recovery

New Sneaks...
 I'm looking for some new sneaks. I'll be buying another pair of Kinvaras for sure, but I'd like to buy a second pair of something else too. I'm thinking something with slightly more support for recovery runs, but nothing with a huge heel. (I'd like to try to keep my mid to front foot strike. Any ideas? I've run in Mizuno Waveriders in the past, but the last few times I've tried them on in the store they felt like bricks. Of course, after running in Frees and Kinvaras, maybe most sneakers will feel like bricks..

My Coach
Here's my coach. She's young, but tough. She's trained me through sleep deprivation and forcing me to push her up really big hills in a running stroller. Her training is unconventional, but always interesting. She brought me down to Earth last week when she told me that it didn't matter how good I felt on marathon day. I should not have started at 7:20 pace. Also, clearly, my interval workout the week prior to the marathon should not have wound up being 8 miles at 6:42 pace. It should have been a marathon pace run (7:30 pace). Obviously 7:20 pace is going to feel good after a run at 6:42 pace. Okay, she's not that verbal yet, but I could see it in her eyes. Hindsight being 20/20, I probably went out too fast on race day, but that's okay, I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't done it. And there's always BayState...

Recovery so far has been typical. I was sore most of last week, and only ran 10 miles. Yesterday, I did my first interval workout. It was only 2.5 miles total of hard running, but my legs felt like jelly afterward and the sweat, there was so much of it! Ahhh, It was nice. I would love to run some 5Ks soon! Actually, I would love to run a track meet, but there don't seem to be adult track meets. I would love to run an all out mile and two mile on the track, but with other people around (not just by myself), but alas I have found nothing of the sort! Don't other people out there want to rip up some rubber on the track? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Happy Anniversary!
Nick and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week! We've been together for over a decade! Crazy, crazy, crazy! Honestly, I don't know where the time has gone. It seems like time speeds up the older I get. I wish I could slow it down a bit. I mean not only have we been married for 9 years, but we have 2 kids! When did all that happen! Seriously though, life is good. I'm married to my best friend and have two happy kids. Couldn't ask for much more. (Other than to run faster, maybe...just joking)  ;)


Karen said...

Your coach is so adorable. :)

Two of the three running clubs I've participated in have had track stuff. Maybe just one day a year, but still there. Look through your local club's site or e-mail their president about it? They seem to be less advertised than events 5K and longer, but still exist.

Raina said...

Dittos on the super cute coach!

I would say that you should come visit Oregon for the summer..oh heck, why not move here? There are some things they do at Hayward field called the Oregon Track Club "All comers meets". Regular track meets for grown ups. You would enjoy! I have yet found the nerve to do it, other than the mile- which was really different than I expected, two years ago. It's pretty lax, but there are official times and everything, three events for 3 dollars. Have I sold you yet?

OK...would you ever consider running Gansett marathon instead of Boston? I might be spelling it wrong.

Sounds like you are recovering pretty quickly if you are already doing intervals again!

Thanks for the 2cents on the marathon. I'm starting to think against it. I could use your email address. Sometimes there are things I'd like to bounce off of you.

OK..have a great week, Katie!

Katie said...

@Karen: Thanks, I am going to email some of the local running clubs. They aren't advertising anything, but they do have weekly track workouts.

@Raina: Oh man, that track club sounds awesome! If I didn't have little kids, I would definitely consider Gansett instead of Boston! It's hard with little kids though. I'm sure that's part of why you might not want to come to Boston. When the kids are a bit older, there are a ton of traveling marathons I'd like to run. I call them running vacations, and Nick calls me crazy. ;) And you can email at: schrothgirl@gmail.com

lindsay said...

Happy Anniversary! I will be looking for new shoes too soon. I've been in mizinos for a long time but I'm thinking about switching it up too - they do seem kind of "clunky".

At least your coaching expenses are a tax write-off! :)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

V smart coach you have. And yes, there is always Baystate:)
I've tried many shoes but nothing fits me as well as my Sauconies. I still wear other brands, lots of Brooks of course, but the kinvaras are gold to me!