Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life with some running

Kaylee survived her food challenge! Yay! Also, in a brief moment of bravery, I introduced the same soy product to Emily. Emily has FPIES to egg yolk, but until a few months ago the allergist told us to steer clear of soy too (because of Kaylee). When he told us we could give soy a try, we were too scared. Anyway, it seems both kids can handle soy flour in bread, which means that eating in restaurants might become an option! Or maybe even a vacation! You wouldn't believe how many foods have soy in them.

Besides the stressful food challenge, little miss Emily also had a birthday last week! She got a trike for her birthday, which she loves, and we took the family apple picking on her special day. She's as serious as her sister (as can be seen in her picture), but we're pretty sure she had a good day. She keeps singing happy birthday to Kaylee, so I keep singing happy birthday to her, in response she places those pudgy little hands on my face and with a huge smile says "Mama stop it!"

Another exciting piece of news...Kaylee starts Kindergarten next week! It won't actually be much different than pre-school, except that it will be everyday instead of 3 days. But it's new and different, and marks the real beginning of her schooling journey. Sniff sniff. I think, I'm more excited than sad. I think. And I think she's more excited than anxious. At least for this week...

As far as marathon training goes, there's not too much to report. Last week I ran 60 miles (65 was the plan), so not too far off the mark. My ankle was fine all week, then I ran a super hard workout yesterday, and today it's a bit stiff. This week I have 74-75 miles planned, and another 3 hour long run on Sunday. I'll let you know how it goes.

Here's a random running shoe question. Anyone out there run in the new Kinvara 3's? I am having the darnedest time breaking them in. They cut up my heels something wicked. My mother and Nick seem to be having the same issue with them. I'm wondering if this a common problem? Any thoughts?


Raina said...

Yay for Kaylee!! More options is GOOD with kids..and Kindergarten!! My Matthew is starting Kindergarten too..at home. They grow so fast.

That is weird about the Kinvaras. I hope you can find another shoe that works for your heel better.

Take it easy- like even a full rest day after the foot issue. No sense in making anything worse!! You are doing some crazy mileage. I am SURE that your workout was intense- knowing you. :) Happy running to you!!

Pam said...

I have nothing to offer re: the shoes (I have worn Brooks Adrenaline since 2000!) but dang that picture is CUTE.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

So happy about Kaylee's test. Yay! I know soy is in everything so I can imagine how difficult it was for you all.

Kinvaras - I have not tried the 3s. I tried the 2 and they seem just the same to me. I bet you can still find them on line. I never pay more than $54 for them.

The foot will be fine. That was a crazy fast workout, like most of your tempos. I follow you on DM:) Impressed!

Good luck with the 3 h run. Weather should be nice!