Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trying to rock my taper

Okay, so I have exactly 10 minutes to give you an update...and I'm not a fast writer but I'll try...

  • Last week was my first taper week, and ended up with 54 miles.
  • I had 3 workouts: 2 x 10 mile MP, and 3x1 mile faster than 5K interval. All 3 workouts went well, but I was sore after the interval workout, which may (or may not) be because I ran it the day after one of my MP workouts. Stupid. Oh well.
  • According to what I've read (like yesterday) right now I should be aiming for 2 easy days to each workout day (not 2 workout days to an easy day). Okay, lesson learned. I'll be sure to do that that this week.
  • This week I'll be running 45 miles: 1 "long" run (10 miles) and 1 interval and everything else super easy (and shorter). The interval is suppose to be 6 x 800's at 5K pace. I will probably run the 800 workout slower and make it closer to a Yasso 800 workout, which shouldn't leave me sore.
  • It's sort of sad, but my 10 minutes is almost up.  
  • Life is generally good. We carved a jack-o-lantern this weekend, which was fun. According to Kaylee the best part is "scooping the guts." I use "we" loosely. The kids scooped guts for about half an hour. There was more playing in the slimy pumpkin guts than actual scooping. Eventually they got bored. Eventually. At which point, I scooped the remaining innards and carved away. The whole time Kaylee was asking "when will you be finished mommy?" (No pressure.)
  • I'm not super nervous about the marathon. Yet. I do have lingering doubts some days. What if my legs aren't rested enough? What if I get sick? What if I die at mile 16 again? What if my legs fall off? (Because that could totally happen.) All pretty typical. It's generally not within my personality to be a head case though, so my doubts are more like passing thoughts than really lingering. Overall, I think I'm in good shape...
  • Hope everyone else is doing well! I read a few people had marathon PR's this past weekend! Congrats!

Here's our super scary jack-o-lantern!


Karen said...

Cool pumpkin!!

I have those same fears too, but you're gonna rock. :)

Pam said...

Wow,you have mad pumpkin skillz! I am impressed. Wow, 2 x 10 @ MP sounds like a hard workout. I would think if you can nail that, especially after a taper, you are all set for your marathon. Best of luck!!!

Meg said...

LOVED your worries about your legs falling off, I've totally seen that and it IS scary! Scarier than pumpkin guts...which by the way smell SO good. It's my favorite part of carving!

IT sounds like you're ready for your marathon, awesome work and happy tapering!

Michelle said...

Laughed at your worries-- I do the same. I am afraid I am going to fall down our stairs, or trip over one of the boys' cleats which are always laying about. Or get the flu. It goes on and on!

What are your thoughts about running on dirt trails? Specifically do you think running on dirt slows you down? My last marathon was about 30-50% dirt trail, some pretty bumpy/rutted. I have had 2 people tell me that running on dirt slows you quite a bit. If true makes me wonder how much quicker I would have been. Oh well. Next time!!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

You are so level headed in your running. I love that about you. You go out there and get the job done! I like your tapering plan. Perfect! Love the slower 800s. You want those legs to be rested:) As far as the 5K after, I guarantee that you will PR. I can't imagine running 5:45 mile repeats during marathon training. Heck, I can't even imagine running them now. I might do a 5K TT on the track 2 weeks before that 5K if you want to join...wil talk after your marathon. SO EXCITED for you! You are getting faster and faster at all distances!!!

Raina said...

Ah! So when is your race again? Tomorrow? next week? I need to know!!
You are sitting so well for it. I bet all the mileage you have added in will speed the new leaner Katie to the finish line in record time. Don't run your legs off though :)
YES you are in GOOD shape and should have LOTS of confidence!!