Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Race Report!

On Racing
I was suppose to race this past Sunday, but didn't. It totally wasn't my fault though. Totally. I'm pointing the finger at Mother Nature. Early during the week they started predicting snow. La la la la la, I can't hear you weather people. Yeah, I ignored all that, and continued my marvelous taper. By Thursday, it was getting harder to ignore. SNOW SNOW SNOW! By Friday they cancelled the race. Yes, the race was scheduled for Sunday, and cancelled on Friday. Anyway, at the time I was sort of happy they called it because I was able to run again on Friday, run 21 miles on Saturday, and then 10 miles on Sunday to at least get me to 60 miles for the week. The race probably could have happened though. Where I was it was snowing all day, but only three inches of accumulation, and when we went out for the dinner the roads were just wet. Oh well. I've registered for the New Bedford half, which takes place on March 17. My parents are running it with their running club and lured me into it with promises of fun times with other runner friends and corn beef and cabbage. My parents know me so well. How could I decline a St. Paddy's day race or corn beef and cabbage? 

Training has been going well. I think. This training cycle has been a little crazy. I've been running 60-70 miles a week, which isn't outlandish for me, but I've been doing some crazy workouts. Instead of running a ton of 20 milers this time, I've been more focused on running harder but a little shorter. I've run a number of hard 16 milers. They always have purpose though. What I mean is, I don't just go and run as fast as I can. I'll do things like start at MP and then do 3x5K with 2 minute "rest" jogs at MP. The end result is fast (for me), but not just run as fast as you can for as long as you can. In fact, I've been doing a lot of runs like that. One of my runs last week was a planned "easy" run, but I also wanted to run some surges just to get my legs turning over. It was a 9 miler, and most of the run was done at 8:00 pace, but I did a hard 600 meter every 8 minutes, which brought the average pace down to 7:15. If I've being honest with myself, that's probably not a super easy run. Part of me has been interested in how far I can push myself before I completely unhinge. The trick, I think, is to sense the unhinging coming and then back off. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. And I did just that on Monday. I had a 10 miler planned. Mostly easy with 2x15 minutes at 10K pace. As soon as I started the hard part I knew I should back off. My sinuses hurt, my glands were swollen, and my legs were trashed from my long run. I did slow down. But then I started throwing in random surges at 5K pace. In the end, I was really irritated with myself. Sometimes it's hard to deviate from the plan even when it's in your own best interest. I want to run 70 miles this week, and since I'm clearly feeling under the weather, I am going to try to take it easy for the rest of the week.

BayState Pictures
Ah yeah, BayState was last October. I never did post any pictures. They're all pretty bad, which in a way is a sign that I gave it my all. Also, I look like a beast....

 If you look really really close at my eyes, it looks like I'm turning into a zombie...don't worry though, I didn't.

 Thank goodness I don't look like this all the time. I'm terrifying!

This is probably the best picture...

Completely Unrelated
Nick built me a new computer. The RAM he used is called Vengeance. He's so sweet. Now I have my very own speed machine.

My computer is a beast too.  ;)


Karen said...

Sorry about your race, cool you have a backup already. :)

I feel like I need a training plan for the reason you talked about, I get too excited and competitive with myself and basically end up running into the ground.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Your training has been a beast! You look super strong in the pics:) You will be fine. I honestly think that all you have to do now is maintain speed and build endurance for the marathon. You've got the speed.
Nick builds computers? How cool is that!
P.S. And yes, we could have had the race....kind of a lame cancellation but we both made the best of it:)

Michael said...

Runners are weird. We miss a race (or worse yet, have a bad one) then flog ourselves with killer workouts to fill the void. But it looks like you've caught it early and are doing the right thing now. You are in awesome shape and will do just fine when the important race arrives.

Raina said...

Your training- even with tapering- isn't skipping a beat, Katie! Just take those lemons and make lemonade :)
"The trick, I think, is to sense the unhinging coming and then back off. That's what I'm telling myself anyway."
I think that works OK in your 20's. maybe not so well once you hit your late 30's..This is so true "Sometimes it's hard to deviate from the plan even when it's in your own best interest" If you feel your knee get hot and you planned to go 26 miles, please stop, unless it's a race. :)
You have a lot in there - Can't wait to see you run your best 100% Katie race on race day!

Michelle said...

Bad race pictures are my favorite!!

I can't imagine training for a marathon only to have it canceled. I think I would be in mourning!

As always, your training is amazing to me!

Katie said...

@Karen: actually I like trying to keep my training not written for the opposite reason. If I'm feeling ill or injured, I feel compelled to continue with the plan. I've working on deviating from that attitude.

@AM:Yup, he loves to build computers. He's built 5 now, I think. Obviously, one doesn't need a computer all the time, so he doesn't get to do it very often.

@Michael: Lol, yes runners are weird. And I am trying to change that about myself. It doesn't pay off in the long run.

@Raina: Well, I guess I should have mentioned that I'm running a little bit less than my last training cycle. My last training cycle was the first time in a decade that I had run that much and as a result I tried to take a little extra care in not running too many hard workouts. Obviously, it's a fine line, but if you're not walking the line of being injured, you are probably also not walking the line of doing your absolute best. That's really what I meant. As you start getting older, I think the risk versus the reward shifts a bit. I know I can't run like this forever. After BayState in October, I plan to take a break. A real break. Not from running, but from crazy running. ;)

@Michelle: It was only a half. It wasn't anything like the NYC marathon being cancelled or anything. It would be sad if Boston was cancelled for some reason, but even then I'm not traveling for it, so I would be out all those travel costs. And yes, bad race pictures are pretty cool.

Tia said...

AM is right- your training is STRONG! You will be READY to conquer your upcoming HM. I wish I were a little more creative with some of my treadmill runs the way you are. I am not so good about switching up between various speeds for intervals. Maybe if I had some guidance or direction. I did that a little this fall when I was following a custom made plan by the Run SMART project (Jack Daniels) but this spring I've been sticking with Advanced Marathoning. We'll see how it goes...

Anyway, great pictures from Baystate. You look strong!! seriously- great arm definition!

colette said...

You are going to kill your races! Your mileage & speed is inspirational. Race pics look great! I tend to look like I have been shot :) can't wait to hear about your upcoming races.

Katie said...

@Tia: Well I'm sure you've read a couple running books AND you ran in college! So, I don't think you need much guidance. I sort take what I've read in the books and what I did in college and high school and combine them. I don't think there are magical workouts. Like one of Hudson's favorite tempo workout is 2x15 minutes. Let's say you've already done that a few times. You could try something like 3x9 minutes at 5K pace with 1-2 minute rest jogs or something like 2x20 minutes but change up the pace. The first 5 minutes could be at HMP, the next 10 minutes at 10K pace, and the last 5 minutes at 5K pace. I'm definitely no coach, I just get bored...

@Colette: Yes, I definitely could have been shot in that middle picture. All my pics from BayState were right at the finish. I always look awful at the finish, which is fine (and sometimes funny).

katie @ msfitrunner said...

Bummer about the half - glad you were able to get in another one! It's going to be a phenomenal race for you - can't wait. Like everyone else has said, your training is hard core and I am impressed! Reading it on DM was making me tired!:) I don't think I could handle so many hard workouts so often. I really enjoy my easy days. I also love how you switch it up on the treadmill. I don't know what it is, I just don't like to work in minutes. Miles are so much more definite to me - minutes make me uncomfortable;) I guess it's the same idea, different parameters. I'm glad to see they work so well for you!

Raina said...

Forgot to say, your pics are not bad at all. I found this lovely site and it always makes me feel better about mine, though I may find one or two to submit to them. ;)