Monday, June 24, 2013

Running update: training for a 1 mile and a marathon

This might be a new record of silence for me. Nearly two months. Yikes. And here I am now wondering what I'll blog about...

Generally things have been good. Kaylee just finished Kindergarten. Emily is sort of thinking about using the potty. That might actually be wishful thinking on my part. This morning she looked at me and said "Mommy, I just peed. I need to sit on the potty." Then she sat on the potty for a micrsecond, and declared emphatically with hand motions "Nothing came out!" I tried to explain (in an upbeat manner) that it's easier to go on the potty if you haven't already peed in your pull-up. To which she simply smiled, gave me a hug, and ran off. All in good time, right?

That's not really why you stopped by though, is it? Hmmmm, what have I been doing on the running front? Not much really. I'm running. The last few weeks I've been building up my mileage. Last week I ran 73 miles. The week before it was 67, I think. You know, just building a base. I've decided that I do want to run the BayState marathon in October, and so I'm building up right now.

A couple weeks after my last post I ran a 5K, and it was a huge fail. I think I ran 20:20. The course was a bit challenging with the whole last mile uphill, but I don't know, I just didn't have it that day. It was a downer. My first mile was 5:57, but it went south fast, and I can't help but think that mentally I wasn't in the game. It went right past my street though, and I couldn't pass it up (due the convenience factor). Though now, I wish I'd skipped it. After that huge fail, I decided it was time to back off and run easy for a while. So that's what I've been doing. Running easy.

Last week I started to add some short fast stuff to the running mix. This is true Experimental Running fashion: add short fast intervals to build weeks. I'm sure no coach would ever suggest it, but I'm on my own program. It might not be smart, but it's my way. Why am I adding intervals to my base building? Well, I have a high school track alumni meet on July 15th. I'd like to run a reasonably fast mile. Though to be perfectly honest, I don't know what that means exactly. I mean July 15th is less than three weeks away, so it's not like I can actually do much training (and have it be beneficial). If I could crack 5:30, I think I'd be happy. It wouldn't be a PR, but under the circumstances it would be a reasonably good time. I have no idea if I can do that, however.

That's all that's been going on the running front. Besides running, I've been focusing on trying to strengthen my core a bit. I hate pushups and crunches though, so I've been rowing instead. I've also been reading about how everyone is working on pullups and planks. Just for kicks I tried to do some pullups when I took the kids to the playground a week ago. (I must have looked absolutely crazy. I was in a sundress, because it's cool and comfortable, and you know, doing pullups. I'm completely normal like that.) I was able to do two full pullups, which is good for me. I think I'll keep working on that when I go to the playground (in my sundress).

And lastly I've been working on eating better. When training for BayState last year I lost some weight. Not on purpose. I just felt sick all the time (that's normal too, right)? I was probably training too hard. At some point after BayState (when training for Boston), my body must have become accustom to the training because I stopped feeling sick, and was so excited by that fact that I started eating everything. The result, of course, was gaining some weight. I had lost about 8-10 pounds, and gained back about 8-10 pounds. Well, I've since dropped most of that weight again, but not because I feel sick all the time, because I'm eating better. Hopefully that will help my training a bit.

That's what I've been up to. How about you? Any good potty training stories? ;)


Healthy Ambitions said...

I think potty training should be classified as an endurance sport! u will be speedy on 7/15! Nice job on all the miles every week!

Healthy Ambitions said...

Oh and a pull up is on my to do list- I have never been able to do one!

michelle contini said...

Our amazing nanny potty trained our last 3 boys--whenever people ask me for advice, that is what I usually tell them--get a good nanny!

I have not been able to run in weeks. Really I have not been in a normal pattern since my marathon in March. I am still in this stupid boot up to my knee. Seeing the podiatrist on Friday and am hoping to get the go ahead to run again.

I have NEVER been able to do a pull up! After 6 months of Crossfit though, I am close! That is a huge goal for me. Your arms always look muscular to me, like you lift

Tia said...

Oh boy! My youngest is 2 1/2 and not AT ALL interested in even attempting to potty train. My others were either fully trained or at least halfway there at this age so I'm not sure what's the deal but he is in no hurry. I am so ready to be done with buying diapers too but I don't see any light at the end of this tunnel.

Great job on the pull-ups. I am still trying and can almost do one. They've never been easy for me.

I'm excited for you and your one mile race. It can be an intimidating distance- especially to distance runners because the racing strategy is so different. But there is a very specific pacing plan and if you prepare yourself for the speed with a few 800/400/200 interval workouts you will know how to turn it on come race day.

Good luck!!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

The preschool announced one day that they wanted to potty train Petru (we were lazy on the department). The would put him on the potty with his favorite light house book that he was allowed to look at only on the potty! We had 2 days of soiled clothes, but that was it, potty training magic. He was almost 4 years old though, so VERY ready!

So excited about your mile race and marathon. You are already logging a ton of miles! Impressed, but not surprised with your pull up abilities. I can't do one pull up...ha!

Raina said...

Sounds like running is going reasonably well, Katie :) ..and so are the push-ups. I might be able to do 2 right now. If my life depended on it.

Potty training... I waited until my #1 son was already in the "No mommy" stage, which is a little late, IMO. He hid in the closet and Pooped on the carpet shampooer. What always worked for my boys was to stay home for a week solid, if possible, (But 2-3 days gets a good start at it). Had them run around with no undies, just a shirt. Then put them on the potty quickly if they didn't get there on time. There is some clean-up... First time it worked=HUGE praise.

Good to see you blogging again. :)