Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The BAA inspired me today...

I know what you're thinking. Who the heck is this chick? And what on earth is she holding? That's assuming there might actually be someone out there who even visits this blog, which is a pretty big assumption. (Random side note. Have you ever seen the movie "The Long Kiss Goodnight"? Samuel L. Jackson has a sweet line about what it means to make assumptions. I won't repeat it here. You'll have to go watch the movie to find out.) Moving on...

Yes, that's me in the picture. Why do I look so puffy and tired and puffy? And again, what am I holding? I had little Miss Kaylee take this picture with my phone after I ran a 10 mile progression run at 6:40 pace on the treadmill (the day after I ran a 22 miler at 7:40ish pace). Note to self: next time take the picture prior to running. You'll look prettier.

I'm holding my favorite recovery tool, the FRoller. I've mentioned it before, but a year after purchasing it, it's still my favorite (landing above both the foam roller and the Stick). It's especially nice after workouts, like 10 mile progression runs, for instance.

Besides modeling the FRoller, what have I been up to since running BayState three months ago!? I don't know...I've been running, among other things. Just prior to BayState I went back to work full time, which has been an adjustment. It's all good, and I'm happy, but priorities have shifted a bit. Hence the blog silence.

I received an email from the BAA today, which noted that there are less than 100 days until Boston! 100 days in marathon training is nothing! (Statements such as that only give credence to Nick's argument that I'm crazy.) Anyway, the BAA email got me thinking, and thinking got me back to my blog. So there you go. It all makes perfect sense now, right?

Am I excited about Boston? I wasn't. This training cycle is weird (due to my schedule), and since I have a renewed interest in work, training also seems less important (right now). Okay, so I write that, but the fact is, I'm still pretty much running every day. I consider my running schedule "relaxed", but my "relaxed" schedule has had me running 20 milers the past four weekends, with some kind of marathon paced run the day after. I've had some people tell me recently that my definition of relaxed is their definition of stark raving mad. I'm sure, however, that you fellow runners, can appreciate where I'm coming from...I might be less intense this training cycle, but I'm still training. And besides some irritating viruses that my little ladies keep trying to take me out with, I feel good.

Do I have lofty aspirations for Boston? I don't know! It's almost 100 days away! I'm generally more of a, put the training in now, and see how you feel as the race gets closer, kind of girl. I am more excited though. The BAA email makes it feel more real.

This may seem off the beaten path, but I need a new hydration belt for Boston (and training). I had a Nathan hydration belt, but I bought it when training for my first marathon after Kaylee was born, and I've shrunk a little. I had to drop the belt after the first half of Baystate this year because it was bouncing so much that it was cutting me. Does anyone have suggestions? I'd like one that  has a pocket that I could fit my phone or gels in. One that doesn't bounce and cut and chafe. Suggestions please!


Karen said...

Yup, the craziness is always on a relative scale. What my family thinks I run is crazy, but I know people that are waaaay crazier than I am.

I don't use a hydration belt, but I've got a Nathan Intensity Race Vest that I really love that you might want to check out if you're open to the idea of a pack instead.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Hey, you look very cute in that pic, tired and all! Hope the girls will stop sharing their germs! Regardless, you are running pretty strong and juggling so much! Impressed! Excited to watch you at Boston. As far as the hydration belt, why not get a Nathan in a smaller size?

Christine B said...

Love my Froller too. I have a Nathan belt that has a larger pouch in the back that I can fit my phone and a gel or two and smaller pocket in the front that fits a few nuun tablets. I have much bigger hips than waist so it did slip a little when I first got it, but now I think I've figured out the best way to wear it. Perhaps you just need a smaller sized Nathan belt.

michelle contini said...

I hold my bottle when running--drives me crazy to have water bouncing around my waist. I use a flip belt for my phone, and it would also hold gels. I bought it last year after my March marathon. I like it but have not done much running since (yep, 10 months later and my ankle is still jacked up. Going to see another specialist tomorrow) so I have not really been able to test it out