Sunday, December 6, 2009

Running at Work

Okay, the picture has little to do with the post, but it's cute, right? And I did take it this week after a run. Alright back to the topic...

Some of my best running days are at work. Work can be flexible (obviously as I only go in two days a week). As long as I can work around any meetings I'm free to go nuts running at lunch time. Of course, this is only made possible by the gym and locker room we have. Yes, I am spoiled. Anyway, for me, it's the best time to run. I don't have to worry about the weather or the running stroller. This week, however, I had a class. I had exactly 55 minutes at lunch. What to do, what to do...Eat lunch? Check email? Visit the hubby? Go running? I opted to run a quick 4 miler, which was tricky given that I had to change, run, shower, and eat something in 55 minutes. I made it back to class with like two minutes to spare and a gross protein bar from the vending machine.

A few co-workers noticed my lunch fare and the questions started rolling. I'm one of five ladies in my 60 person department, and I'm probably 15 years younger than the average. As a result, I have a tendency to get noticed even without the running factor. Running, though, really piques everyone's interests. They talk to me with awe in their voice like I'm a member of a new species of humans It's cute really. They asked how far I ran, how fast, how often, what races I do. Of course, starting that line of questioning was their mistake because I love talking about running (and myself) so good luck getting me to stop fellas! I do find it funny that they're so interested. For instance, the how fast do you run question, I'm just not sure what a pace actually tells a non-runner? I certainly don't mind the discussion and generally enjoy being the center of attention (for things like running anyway), but I don't think they really understand.

There are also the guys at work that go to the gym. Now those guys are hardcore. Some of them do an IronMan every year, others do the half IronMan, a few run marathons. These guys are more like 20-25 years older than me, but they're awesome and so much fun to talk with! Because I'm one of the few ladies around, I attract a lot of attention there too. They're always so impressed with my times, which is funny because many of them run about the same times as me or faster. For whatever reason though, they think I'm crazy. Nick tells me that he has street cred now that he runs with me at work. People feel bad for him. He tells me this is a compliment. I trust him.

Anyway, I'm so lucky to work at a place where there are runners to chat with! And even the non-runners show interest. Do the people you work with show an interest in running? Do you ever run at work?

Training log:
  • Stationary bike workout
  • Warm up
  • 8 x 3 minutes hard
  • 3 minutes easy between intervals
  • Cool down
  • Total time: 90 minutes
  • 4.4 mile run at 7:39 pace
  • 60 minutes easy on the stationary bike
  • 2 x 20 pushups
  • 4.4 mile run 8:18 pace
  • 60 minutes on the stationary bike (6 x 2 minutes hard)
  • 4 x 20 pushups
  • 7 mile run at 10:10 pace (with the running stroller)
Friday: Rest

  • 7 mile run at 8:45 pace
  • 2 x 20 pushups
  • 7 mile run at 9:45 pace (snowy and icy translates to slow)
  • 1 x 20 pushups
Total Running Miles: 30
Total Bike Time: 3:30
Total Pushups: 9 x 20


heather said...

I've done some walking at work but haven't tried running yet. Getting all cleaned up afterwards would be the hard part for me. If I could get that figured out so my afternoon patients don't think I stink then I'd try it. Actually, since I work with dogs my afternoon patients would love it if I stank but I don't want their owners to notice!

Anonymous said...

Great post- it's Colette! I can't really run at work- not a long enough break and the idea of inmates seeing me in my gym clothes isn't appealing to me! But I agree that it is funny the reactions you get when people find out your hobbies....I have had some of those "crazy" looks about triathlons or mentioning that I was at the gym at 5:30 before work. Some people have thought that I'm some insane athlete...I always explain that my finishing times are no where near medal contention in any of my pursuits but somehow co-workers, friends and family still think I'm nuts!