Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Training 12/07 - 12/13

Running last week went fairly well. It was tricky with the snow. Last Monday the snow was melted enough that I was able to run with the running stroller, but then on Wednesday we got slammed with another eight inches of snow. The fuzzy photo to left was taken with my phone mid Wednesday morning. Thursday it was about 40 degrees, but there was too much snow to run on my narrow busy road. I wound up driving to a wide quiet back road and used the stroller there.

My days of running stroller use are numbered. I've been lucky that there have been a few warmer days. I don't feel comfortable running with Kaylee if it's under 40 degrees. Without the stroller, it's hard for me to run much more than 28 miles a week, but...we went treadmill shopping last week! I'm excited to report that we ordered a treadmill. I knew which one I wanted before we went to the store. I called ahead of time to make sure they had a floor model to look at and run on. And I ran on a few others too just to make sure! I'm crossing my fingers that it will be in before Christmas, but not holding my breath.

I know as runners the treadmill is a last resort, but where I am in my life without a treadmill my running is going to be severely limited. I'm really excited to have one. I've been slowly trying to make my up to 40 plus miles a week, but the weather, lack of stroller use, and early darkness are getting in my way. It's ridiculous because I'm not training for anything right now, but thinking about how I'll get in my miles actually stresses me out.

Do you get stressed if you can't run the miles you'd like to (even if you're not technically in training)?

Training Journal Summary
Miles run: 36.4 (14 with the stroller)
Time running: 5:19
Average pace: 8:45
Time on stationary bike: 4:00
Pushups: 4 x 20


Jill said...

I'm actually one that likes the treadmill, thought it took several years to get there. I like how it keeps you honest and keeps your pace exactly where it should be...otherwise, I find it pretty boring. I do get tense if I can't get in the miles I want to!

You got a lot of snow there. eeks! Glad it's warming up some!

Jenn said...

I hate the treadmill but I would be entirely lost without mine. 5:00 am runs in the dark -30 below weather are not possible and I'm certain I wouldn't get them done if I didn't have my own treadmill! In response to your question on my blog, I did hit 68 miles in my last training cycle but the majority of my running was around 55 miles per week for 12 weeks prior to the marathon. I used a Smartcoach program because I was a rookie and found it on Runners World. I modified it and varied it some but was pretty faithful at hitting the paces. My marathon time was 16 seconds faster than the time it projected for me. I'm taking ideas from Pfitz, Higdon, Smartcoach, and myself this time around :) I also always have to drive to find a decent road. Seems like if the temps are nice, there is a nice dumping of snow!! Good luck!!

lindsay said...

i don't mind the tm for the most part... some days i can barely make it a half mile, but i have done 20 miles on one before. in the winter i definitely spend a lot of time on the treadmill. mostly because of less daylight and my work schedule - not just because it's cold (being able to stay warm is a nice treat though!). last winter i was able to run at lunch a good bit but not so far this year. i'm just not comfortable running in the dark (am or pm) anymore; i'm a big chicken!

i don't know what i would do if i ever lived in a real snowing - i think i'd be on the couch until it melted!

Running and living said...

That is some serious training even for training, but even more when you are not training. Training, not training:)

I, too, am increasing mileage. I am v cautious, and am only building a base of 40, with hopes of going up to 55 or so during training. Then, for a fall marathon, if all goes well, I may go up to 60 or more. I am trying to stay flexible in terms of when I get the miles done, and make myself get out there even if I only have time for 3 miles. I think having the treadmill is going to help. I don;t think treadmill running is boring unless you run more than 4-5 miles.

Colette said...

It's Colette- yay for the treadmill! It definitely isn't my favorite run but it is a huge help and sometimes it is just nice to put some head phones on and move without worrying about traffic anything else! The longest I have gone on the treadmill is 10 miles. The treadmill is definitely on my list of things to get but won't be this year. Thanks for posting on my blog- helps keep me motivated. I hit a slump over these last 10 days!

Meg Runs said...

HI Katie, thanks for visiting my blog! I love your cute family picture!
I would be totally stressed and pretty unhappy if I couldn't run outdoors. I need the fresh air, the ocean and nature around me! I have NO idea what I would do if I lived in the snow...I"ve only run in the snow once and it lasted about ten minutes! I completely admire and respect all of the winter runners who run in the snow, sleet and rain for three to five months out of the year. They are true athletes.