Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can you do pull ups or chin ups?

Last week I was all about push ups, how great they are, and how I don't do any other upper body strengthening exercises. Then I saw Michelle's comment asking if I can do an unassisted pull up, and I realized I had failed to mention the true genesis of my upper body routine.

My college coach also had us lifting weights. I could bench 3 sets of 10 of more than a 100 pounds, but I still couldn't do a set of 10 push ups correctly. And to make matters worse, I was gaining weight. I am one of those people who will gain weight when lifting heavy. Once I realized this, I stopped lifting and focused on the push ups. After a while, I realized that exercises like push ups don't make me gain weight and they make your arms look great. There are a few other exercises (besides push ups) that fall into that category. For instance, pull ups and dips are incredible upper body exercises. Similar to push ups they work the whole core. Dips aren't too bad to do. In the past, I've worked my way up to 3 sets of 7-9. Pull ups, however, are wicked hard! The only way I've ever been able to do an unassisted pull up (technically a chin up) is by buying a pull up bar and hanging on it every day. I'd hang and pull and pull and pull some more. Eventually I was able to do 3 unassisted chin ups. There's no way I could one now, but I still have the bar...I'm tempted to pull it out and start hanging on it again.

Push ups, pull ups, and dips combined make for a kick butt upper body workout. The only reason I don't do dips and pull ups is primarily a lack of time (or perhaps laziness). Usually if I have a little extra workout time, I run. I do still have that pull up bar though...

Moving on to another interesting topic, have any of you heard of Athlinks? I don't remember how I stumbled upon it last week, but it's crazy. I looked up my name and it found all kinds of race results! Even a few of my college races. I'm not really sure what it's used for. Other than stalking fellow runners perhaps? It was cool to see some of my official results though. I've only been keeping track of my race times for the last two years, so anything before that I'm never really sure of. Do any of you use Athlinks? If so, what do you use it for?

I guess I haven't mentioned my training yet. Last week wasn't bad. I managed to run 47 miles thanks to my new treadmill. Say what you want about the treadmill, but I love it. Yes, it's a bit monotonous, but I can do it with my toddler playing nearby. Kaylee is so good when I run. She never goes near it while it's on, and is generally happy playing with her toys and listening to her music while I run. So yeah, it's awesome.

Training Journal 1/11 - 1/17
Total Miles Run: 47
Total Time Running: 6:46
Average Pace: 8:38
Total Stationary Bike Time: 1:35
Push ups: 4 sets of 15 (pitiful I know)


Julie said...

Hi Katie,
No, I have never heard of Athlinks. I typed in my name and a ton of races came up...that is very cool! Thanks for sharing that bit of info.

Also, great job with all of the miles that you are able to get in on your treadmill! What type of treadmill do you have?

Katie said...

Julie I have a Landice treadmill. It was a little expensive, but is built to be beaten on and has a lifetime warranty on all parts.

Julie said...

So how much is a little expensive? My mill is about 11 years old and it is basically a dinosaur. It runs okay but it doesn't have any of the new updated training features. I would like to eventually purchase a new one sometime with in the next year. Thanks for the timely response!!

Katie said...

Julie with delivery and setup it was right around $3,000. So yeah, it's more than many want to pay, but it's really built to last. And the warranty is the best there is. As far as the display is concerned, it's pretty minimal. By that I mean, there aren't many programs or bells and whistles. So it probably doesn't have the training features you might be interested in. You could visit the treadmill doctor website or runner's world to check out treadmill reviews.

Running and living said...

I might get one of those bars. I need to work on my upper body. Awesome running week for you! Glad the treadmill is working out!
P.S. I absolutely love your profile pic!

Tricia said...

Wow, what a cool site!

Julie said...

Thanks Katie, I will check that treadmill doctor website out:)

lindsay said...

i can do pullups (2x10) on the assisted machine (set to offset about 40% of my weight). so, basically no, i can't :)

would love to know how you work your way up from 0 to 1 (and beyond) of unassisted pullups! sounds like you've been there before?

i am on athlinks! i don't know that i use it for anything really so far... i just have an account and claim all my race results. you can add me as a friend!

Michelle said...

I have never heard of athlinks--I will have to check it out.

i am impressed that you were able to do 3 pull-ups! I was never able to do that. I may have done one in the way distance past, but I can't even come close to that now!

Meg said...

I love athlinks! I like the way it breaks your races into categories and you can really see how you've improved! By the way, I just cannot run on the treadmill but totally respect people who do since you have to keep yourself engaged for so long and for me, that's tough! Way to go!