Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Lost Decade of Running

A few running blogs I peruse have done reviews of their last decade of running. This, of course, made me think about my last decade of running. I began the decade with some intensity and competitiveness with my college running from 2000 - 2001, where I ran my 18:24 5K PR. After running in college, I was a bit hobbled, just ran for the love of it, and didn't race for the next six years (with the exception of the Disney Half-Marathon and Mt. Washington Road Race). At some point in 2008, I decided I wanted to run races again. I ran my first marathon in October 2008. I was a little more serious in 2009 and raced a few 5K's, a 10K, two 10 milers, a half-marathon, and another marathon. Other than my dismal marathon time, I'm pleased with my races from 2009. I want to run faster though.

In short, 2009 was a decent running year, but I lost a whole six years of potential racing during the past decade! I was running 25-40 miles a week during those six years, but not racing at all. And you know what really made me want to race again? Well there are two reasons actually... one, after Kaylee's birth I just wanted to reclaim something that was for me. And two, the first allergist I saw regarding my severe asthma symptoms told me I might never be able to run a marathon with my asthma. I hate it when people tell me I can't do something. Really, really despise it actually. Just ask my hubby or parents. I was more than irritated. So, of course, I switched doctors and started training for a marathon. That spurned my last year and a half of racing. Funny how an irritating man could have woken up my running beast. I can't believe the beast managed to stay quiet for so long. I'm still mad at that silly man who told me I couldn't do it (what was he thinking anyway), but maybe a little bit grateful too. After all, it was his discouragement that lit a flame under my butt.

I haven't quite figured out what I'll be doing in 2010. I'm sure I'll run a few races. I just haven't settled on anything at this point. I am resolved, however, to never let my running beast hibernate again. Running fast is too much fun...

On a side note, training last week was blah. I was sick most of the week. All that bravado last week about not needing my asthma medication...well I caught something nasty and starting wheezing up a storm. Needless to say I had to start taking the inhalers again. I had to force myself to exercise. It's hard to find the motivation to exercise when you can't breathe. It was worth the effort though. Exercise does seem to alleviate some of breathing issues (as long as I take it easy.) Today I'm feeling a little better and hoping that I'll be back off the medication in a few days. Oh also, there are some pictures below for your enjoyment.

Training Journal 12/28 - 1/3
Total Miles Run: 29.5
Total Time Running: 4:22
Average Running Pace: 8:52
Total Time Biking: 3:31

A Cross-Country meet in High School! Admittedly, this was taken more than a decade ago, but still, it's sort of a cool picture to have. When my coach saw this picture he told me I wasn't running hard enough (because I was smiling), and he had better never see a picture like that again. Yikes!

A wet miserable college meet. Spikes were invented for days like that.

My half marathon this past May. My form is awful, but I look serious.


Meg Runs said...

I loved this post...sort of a trip from where you came in running to where you are now. I love the high school picture, by the way, always smile when you running, it's too much fun. Anyway, I love your determination to fight for what you love to do and reclaim a piece of yourself. I never articulated it like you so beautifully did, but I guess I'm doing that too! Thanks!

lindsay said...

don't be too hard on yourself for not-running a good part of the last decade. i know the feeling, wondering how much better you could be had you worked harder in the past, but there's nothing we can do about it now. all you can do is work yourself to the grind everyday now and better yourself for the future! be excited about the pr's and speed that your future holds :)

and trust me, i need to lose some weight! my thighs are jiggly and i have a buddha belly. no, i'm not one of those girls that is ridiculously hard on themself. well, maybe i am a little but this is not imagined flab. i was ~135ish when i ran the 1:34 half marathon last jan (i'm 5'7") and i think mid 130s would be a good weight to maintain. i inevitably put on some lbs throughout the rest of '09 that i ought to shed again anyway. i'd like to believe i could've done better than the 3:33 last nov had i been a few pounds lighter. hopefully i'll drop some fat and we'll see some results! thanks though, for the vote of confidence :)

ps - your arms/shoulders are super toned in that last pic. tell me your secrets! :)

Dr. J said...

When I had asthma, my pediatrician, after I told him about my activity level, encouraged me to keep exercising,
which I did, and the asthma is long gone!

I just wrote a post on proving your doctor wrong, and I'm glad you did it!

Running and living said...

You are super speedy and I am sure that soon enough you will run the marathon that you can run! Your 5K and 1/2 marathon times speak for themselves. Sorry you've been sick, but I have no doubt you'll be back and off meds shortly! Happy 2010! To super fast running and PRs!

Terri said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much for commenting on my blog. You went to college at the same place as my next-door-neighbor's kid! We must not live too far from each other! :-)

My doctor also asked me to get a peak flow meter - have you ever used those? I only used one when I was in the hospital after abdominal surgery but I get the concept behind it. If you use one, do you ever notice when you're starting to get sick, ahead of time?

By the way, I understand how good it is to be able to run without the inhalers and how much it then sucks when you have to go back to using them!

Tricia said...

I loved this post!

Julie said...

Hi Katie,
I noticed that we comment on some of the same blogs...I just got done checking yours out. I love the pictures of your past runs. I ran track in high school and have also taken some time off....a little more than you. I am a little jealous of your speedy PR!! I also would like to improve my times this year. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read more of your future posts!!

Michelle said...

Just had to say, when I was thinking about doing my first marathon, I mentioned it to a man in my bootcamp class. He scoffed and said "you don't have time to train for a marathon, you have 4 kids!" The next day I signed up for one. I can't stand being told I can't do something either!