Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vomit is Yucky

My week was more interesting than I expected. During my run on Monday, I wound up with a weird cramp in my hamstring. I stopped the run around 8 miles, decided to cut back my weekly miles to 40-43 miles, and spread the miles a bit more throughout the week. This meant that Sunday I had a 10 miler planned. (Usually all my miles are run by Sunday.) But alas, it was not meant to be. Kaylee, my tiny tot, had a bit of diarrhea and vomiting on Saturday night. It wasn't too bad actually. She had diarrhea once and vomited once. We spent Sunday recovering. Do you have any idea how mad a toddler can get when you won't let them shove their face with food, and make them eat more slowly? Let me tell you...she was peeved. Anyway, then Sunday afternoon came and I started feeling nauseous. Like really nauseous.

I managed to keep all my insides on the inside until about 1:00 am, when I woke up, ran to the bathroom, and vomited. Ewww. I hate vomiting. Really, really, hate it. The whole experience is so violent for me. When Kaylee threw up, it was like she burped and out came a bunch of gross stuff. Nothing more to it than that. I throw up, and and it's like my body is trying to expel some of my internal organs. For about 24 hours, I was vomiting. And I didn't start eating anything for about 36 hours. I was able to take sips of Gatorade here and there. I broke a bunch of blood vessels in my face. At least I think I did. All around my eyes are red spots. They look like freckles, but are red. My throat was messed up too. When I took a look with a flash light, it looked like bloody hamburger. Lovely, I know.

My stomach bug got me thinking about eating disorders. I honestly have no idea how someone could be bulimic. I just can't stand the thought of vomiting, never mind doing it on purpose. Then there's anorexia, and you know what, I don't like starving either. I'm just miserable when I'm hungry and weak. Oh yeah, and I like to eat, let's not forget that.

So my week didn't turn out exactly how I planned, but I still ran 33 miles. I have no idea what will happen this week. I haven't run yet. Just haven't felt like it. We'll see. I'm going to play it by ear and see what happens.

Training Journal 1/25 - 1/31
Total Miles Run: 33
Total Time Running: 4:57
Average Pace: 9:05
Elliptical Machine: 9.1 miles at 7:08 pace
Stationary Bike: 1:30
Push ups: 5 sets of 16


Julie said...

Hi Katie,
Bummer about the vomit! I was sick like that about a month or two sure does make you appreciate when you are healthy. I am glad to hear that everyone is getting a little better:)

Thanks for your thoughts on my possible future move, I appreciate it! Have a great day Katie!

Michelle said...

Vomiting is the worst. I puked horribly with all of my pregnancies. I can't even believe I had 4 kids because of all the puking.

A couple of months ago I was at the dentist having (yet another) crown put in. The dentist dropped it and I swallowed it. I went in the bathroom and stuck my finger down my throat so I could throw it back up. Gross.

Yep, you broke blood vessels. It is called petechia.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Running and living said...

Vomiting IS the worse. I had a stomach bug in Miami in January and vomited for an entire day. In someone else/'s bathroom. I bet the red eyes etc will go away. I think that bulimics sort of habituate to the vomiting. They do it so much that it becomes easier to do, the food just comes out. The emotional part of it all is very sad!

About your answer on my last post...I heard of runners who ran their best races pain free. It could be the endorphins. Or the intense concentration and habituation to sensations. Hope to get there someday:)

lindsay said...

oh yikes! i sure hope you are feeling 100% better by now. :-/ hate that you weren't able to get the rest of your miles in but 33 is still solid.

i made it through middle school, high school, college and a few years after without vomiting. then i had my wisdom teeth pulled and the pain meds made me extra nauseous. not a memory i needed to relive! i was doing just fine avoiding the vomit!

anyway, feel better!

Jill said...

I feel your sickness pain, I had to take the entire day off today and just vegged in bed, slept, and watched mindless tv. Would have been a great day doing that if I felt good. Soooo sorry about the vomiting ...ugh. HOpe you are feeling much better now!