Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Asthma & Christmas Decor

On the training front, I did manage another 43 mile week. I also managed to slow the average pace to 8:06. But,(yes there is a but), now I'm sick. And the kids are sick. Sigh. That's the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose (whatever that means).

I haven't mentioned my asthma in quite some time. I haven't needed to mention it. I haven't needed an inhaler in over 6 months! Now I'm back on the highest dosage of Advair. I'm also taking my albertol inhaler every 4-6 hours and a steroid nasal spray. Yikes! I forgot what it was like to have a deficient immune system. Stupid immune system!

I've been feeling a little cocky about my whole asthma situation. I may have prematurely added a little swagger to my step. I didn't even need an inhaler for my 5K turkey trot, which was running hard in the cold (two of my biggest triggers). So this week I've been knocked down a peg or two by old friend, asthma. I imagine it will take a couple weeks to recover back to a steady state. I'll let you know how it goes.

On a more fun note, I was reading this post on Chasing the Kenyans and thought I'd add share some of my favorite Christmas decor. The first picture below is a picture of our tree taken with a new iphone app that Nick found for me. Basically is processes the photos you take with your phone in real time and makes them artsy or old and decrepit, depending on your point of view. As a result, you can't really see many of our ornaments. We have lots of typical ornaments in the way of Santas, bulbs, and candy canes. But we have a bunch of Katie geek ornaments as well. I'm a big Star Wars fan and for the first Christmas in our house I wanted to find some of those Hallmark collectible Star Wars ornaments, but with Hallmark you can only get them the year that they came out. So Nick found someone on Ebay who was selling their entire Stars Wars collection for a very reasonable price! It. Was. Awesome! Here's what some of the ornaments look like. We don't have all the ornaments shown in the link (maybe half) and the pictures really don't do them justice but you get the idea...Yeah, I know, I'm a geek of mammoth proportions. (And now you know too.)

The second picture is of Kaylee and I decorating the tree this year. I am serious, when it comes to the tree decorating. So serious (not really I just look really serious for some reason).

Our Tree

Kaylee and I decorating


lindsay said...

i love it! is it instagram? or just an app like it? (just wondering).

my asthma acts up in cold air + running too (and other things like animal dander). it seems to be worse this year than the past two years for some reason. i kind of want to blame it on my allergy shots as i just started those back in august/september, but who knows. it makes it hard for me to hit my goal paces on my workout runs, boo.

merry christmas!

Anne said...

Hope the asthma is back under control soon. Mine's also a little less controlled this winter...sigh.
Happy Holidays to you and your family...those photos are beautiful.

Stefanie Schocke said...

Sorry you've all been so sick. I hope you guys are all starting to feel better.

She is adorable. You look awesome too!

Teamarcia said...

Blech sorry about the asthma. Love your pics though. Happy holidays!

Running and living said...

Your average pace is SO fast. Mine is probably around 8:30, since I do my easy runs over 9 min miles:) Sorry about being sick! Bummer! Hope you are better by now. Love the pics. I'd be curious if it is an app, and which one.