Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Mom breaks 25:00 in the 5K

I haven't been blogging much. It may have something to do with the crazy baby and toddler I have. Nah, that couldn't be it...

Seriously though, things are going well for me, blogging just hasn't been one of my priorities. My running is so-so. The last three weeks I managed to run an average of 30 miles a week. I'd rather be around 45 miles a week, but it's just not in the cards at this point. I'll get there soon enough I'm sure.

I have most of my speed back, but I need to get some of that endurance back too. The long run is where I'm lacking. My longest run since the birth has been 9 miles (at 7:35 pace). My longer runs tend to be faster because I'm trying to get in as much mileage as possible before the baby objects.

The turkey trot was my first running test. My goal was technically to run around 21:45. Secretly though, I wanted to run 19:58. I wound up with an official time of 20:25. Last year, less than a month before I was pregnant, I ran the same race in 20:19. And this year the course was slightly longer! So I didn't achieve my secret goal, but I'm still pleased with where I'm running. The race didn't kill me. I ran hard without feeling completely wiped later, which is sort of important when there's a newborn around. I feel faster than I did last year, and I don't yet have a good mileage base (for me). My next test drive will be a half marathon in February, where my published goal is 1:40. I haven't decided what the stretch goal should be yet. I will say that I'm playing it relaxed this year. I just had a baby and I'm not really looking to set any PR's. Mostly I just want to run. I know that after the first year (or two) finding time to run and sleep and eat well will be easier, so for now I'm playing the patience game.

Here are my race stats:
Thanks4giving 5K 2010
Age Group: 1st
Female: 4th
Overall: 26/827 (top 3%)

Now on to the important mom did, in fact, break 25:00 at the turkey trot! According to the official results she ran 24:59! She is simply amazing! She's only been running for three years now and she's doing incredible. She'll be running the half marathon in February, but just as a training run because she's running the Hyannis Marathon the next week.

Oh, and I realize some of you might be wondering about post pregnancy stuff. No, I haven't lost all the weight yet. I'm still lugging around 5-6 extra pounds, but last time I was 5-6 pounds heavy until Kaylee was a year old, when breastfeeding was greatly reduced. I'm expecting the same will be true with Emily. Even with the extra weight, I do fit into all my clothes. And obviously it doesn't seem to be slowing my running down. To be completely honest, I'm not trying to lose weight. I eat when I'm hungry and try not to when I'm not. I don't plan to worry about it until I stop breastfeeding. My total weight gain for the pregnancy was 23 pounds. Pretty typical.

There's one last tidbit I'd like to share with all the mamas out there. For some reason, people keep telling me I should have a whole bunch of kids because clearly I was meant to have babies given how smoothly the pregnancy and post pregnancy have gone. People seem amazed that I already look just like I did before I was pregnant and that I'm already running. At first, I was a bit taken aback. All I could think was "I didn't think it was all that easy and I certainly don't look like I did before I was pregnant." Now I've started telling people, "maybe I make it look easy, but it's not."

I know that I don't write about how easy or hard all the pregnancy and post pregnancy stuff might be. I'd like to write more, but I just haven't had the time. I just wanted you to know if you might be pregnant or have a new baby at home and find things challenging, that I do too.

I swear my face isn't as fat as it looks in this pic...

Aren't my mom and dad cute?


Running and living said...

COngrats to both you and your mom. I'd like to make a point in saying that had the course been 3.1, you would have broken 20. There! For the record!
Your attitude is so healthy through this all. And you are running realy fast! I know you are not trying to set any PRs, but you just might. 9 miles @ 7:35 is pretty fast!
It will be fun to see you at Hampton Half!

Stefanie Schocke said...

Wow! First of all, 9 miles at the pace postpartum is amazing! (Not saying that it's easy, as your mentioned. Postpartum can be a challenge!). I'm definitely freaking out about the postpartum experience and what it will bring (went through it once, but I didn't care as much about running then).

Congrats to you and your mom with the awesome 5k times! She is a lean woman!

lindsay said...

Congrats to you and your mom!! I have yet to break 21 without being pregnant/a mom -- way to go speedy!

Brianne said...

I feel the same way re: peoples' comments - especially comments that suggest I'm one of the 'lucky' ones, not looking like I just had a baby x amount of weeks ago. I feel like retorting that a. I am far from being back to pre-preg. size/weight despite perhaps appearing so to others and b. it was definitely not luck that I only gained 22 pounds because I ran almost every day and c. it was definitely not easy to make myself run during pregnancy, nor is it now with two kids in a giant jogging stroller!

k said...

Wow- congrats to you AND your mum! You two are forces to be reckoned with :)

Anne said...

Your mom is amazing!! A great inspiration for us older newbie runners :)

Congrats on a great race and I think that part of what makes it "seem" not as hard is the fact that you are in such great physical condition. You are quite impressive!

Anne said...

BTW, I just read your post on your asthma...I developed severe asthma at age 44 and even ended up on a low daily dose of prednisone for almost 4 years. I have since weaned off prednisone and do take lots of inhalers (symbicort and alvesco)...but, the running has really helped my lung capacity. That's basically why I started running at age 50 a little over a year ago...but, I do need my inhalers. :)