Thursday, April 7, 2011

I need a new set of legs

I'm still here! Last week was a little irritating and to be perfectly honest, I just don't feel like blogging about it. Nothing catastrophic. The week generally went fine. I did two interval workouts; a 4 x 1 mile workout at 10K pace and a Yasso 800 workout at 3:25 pace. Both went well. I had my long run scheduled for Saturday, but Kaylee woke up with a stomach bug so I skipped it. She was recovered by Sunday and decided I was long run bound. About 5 miles into the run, my IT band started acting up. It was bad enough that I had to stop.

I tried running again on Monday, but only made 3.5 miles. Tuesday I made it 4 miles. Wednesday I decided to take off. I'll probably try running again today. I'm honestly not sure what happened. I'm generally not running on cambered surfaces and I don't think I've drastically increased my mileage. (I ran more miles in the 6th month of my pregnancy than I did in March.)

I called a massage therapist that has experience with myofascial release. I've read that some runners with IT band issues have good luck with this type of massage. From what I've read, it's like foam rolling on crack. Sounds like heaven, right? (That's me being sarcastic.) I have an appointment. I'll give you all the gory details next week.

To stay sane, I've started rowing again. Because I haven't had any issues running in over a year (and because running is my passion), I haven't used the row machine in forever. I do have to say that it feels pretty good. I forgot how good rowing can's so smooth...ahhhh. That probably sounds weird, but I like it. Unfortunately, now that I'm in reasonably good running shape, the row machine doesn't even make me sweat. Obviously, if I rowed hard I'd sweat, but then my muscles wouldn't be able to sustain the activity for an hour.

That's where I'm at, sidelined for now. I'll keep you updated.

On a random note, I'm so excited to follow Boston this year! I read Kara Goucher's blog, and I'm so hoping she kicks some major running butt! And good luck to the rest of you Boston runners out there! It's so close!


Stefanie Schocke said...

Love the foam roller- but painful. I'm sure you've tried that.

Also, chiropractors who do A.R.T. (active tissue release) are phenomenal with injuries/tissue issues. Just a thought!

P.S. Thanks for the links to the blogs of other women with pelvis stress fractures.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you're hurt. I'm going through the same thing right now and bought one of those "foam rollers on crack" on Saturday. It feels pretty amazing afterward (definitely not during).

Hope you heal up quickly.

Running and living said...

Darn, such a bummer! You did everything right, Katie, this is just the nature of running, injuries pop up. I hope the message will help. I've had some ITB issues and I still feel mine once in a while. What has helped me is doing knee strength exercises (if you google mass general and sports medicine, you can find a pdf with exercises for knee strengthening). I have been doing those 2 times a week since 2009. You are still going to rock your marathon in May!!!!

lindsay said...

Time for a 5k time trial on the erg ;) jk. Do you have your own or just use one at the gym? They're oddly not very common at gyms down here... I kind of want to get one but $$$, and really how often will I use it.

kristen said...

Boo to injury, yay to finding something that still makes you happy. I think I'd like rowing...but I've never tried it. I've been feeling the little aches and pains of running lately, so I think it might be time to hit the pool for me...

Good luck with the healing! (and I'm excited to follow Boston too- go Kara!)