Monday, March 28, 2011

How do you look at garmin data?

I love my Forerunner 305. I love recording my heart rate, distance, and pace. I don't, however, love the Garmin Training Center software. I would like to take my data and tweak the graphs or even just copy and past the distance and pace columns into a blog post. Neither is possible with GTC. What's up with that? I mean really, no copy and paste function? Am I missing something?

I find the GTC software frustrating. I'd like to import the data into excel, but from what I've seen I'd need to create some sort of script to filter the data into a more readable and useful format. I've heard some people use SportTracks? It looks like the older version of the software is no longer supported and I'm not sure I really want to spend $35 on the newer version. (Especially when I'm not really sure what it does.)

What do you use to view your garmin data? I see many blogs posting the distance and paces of their half and full marathons. I'm guessing that you don't manually enter that data into a post. How are you copying and pasting data? Teach me please!

On to training...last week was a bit lackluster. I managed to get in the miles, but the recovery from my long run took longer than I expected. (Like all week.) My legs are finally feeling recovered, which is good because with only 5 weeks to go I need to start running speed workouts. I have another long run scheduled for the end of this week. I was planning to run another 3 hour and 20 minute run, but I'm tweaking the plan a bit. I honestly wasn't expecting that 3:20 would get me to 24 miles, and another 24 mile long run might not be what I need at this point. Now my plan is to run 22 miles or 3:20, whichever I get to first.

I ran my first speed workout yesterday. I find it challenging to follow the directions for many interval workouts. This workout was a 4 x 1 mile workout at 10k pace with 800 meter recovery jogs. Normally, I'd disregard the 10k pace and run the repeats at 5K pace (or faster), but since I'm trying hard not to get injured I decided I'd try to follow the directions...mostly. Using the Mcmillan running calculator, I looked up what my 10k pace should be based on my most recent half marathon time. Apparently, Mcmillan thinks I should be running 6:55 pace for a 10k, which seemed reasonable. I did the workout on the treadmill so I ran the first repeat at 8.6 mph or 6:58 pace at a 1% incline. Then I got a little faster for each mile (6:53, 6:49, 6:44). I also changed the recovery time. Rather than running a half mile between intervals, I ran 2 minutes. I ran the warm up and recovery jogs at 8:34 pace, and the cool down was at marathon pace. I was satisfied with the workout because I mostly managed to do what I was suppose to, but it didn't feel super challenging.

And I have to wonder what the interval run was meant to accomplish? I found it on a Runner's World marathon training schedule, but I've seen similar workouts on other marathon schedules as well. It's definitely not meant to be a VO2 max workout, or the pace would be 5K. Wouldn't it be more beneficial to run a tempo run at that pace? A few weeks before the half marathon I ran a 5 mile tempo run at 6:56 pace. Maybe tempo runs make you more likely to get injured? Anyone want to weigh in?

Marathon Training Week 6 (3/21 - 3/27)
Total Miles: 50
Total Time: 7:11
Average Pace: 8:37 min/mile

Marathon Training Week 5 (3/14 - 3/20)
Total Miles: 57.1
Total Time: 7:40
Average Pace: 8:03 min/mile

Marathon Training Week 4 (3/7 - 3/13)

Total Miles: 42
Total Time: 5:51
Average Pace: 8:21 min/mile

Marathon Training Week 3 (2/28 - 3/6)

Total Miles: 52.2
Total Time: 7:17
Average Pace: 8:22 min/mile

Marathon Training Week 2 (2/21 - 2/27)
Total Miles: 50.25
Total Time: 7:15
Average Pace: 8:39 min/mile

Marathon Training Week 1 (2/14 - 2/20)
Total Miles: 50
Total Time: 6:40
Average Pace: 8:00 min/mile


Meg said...

Katie, I'm totally with you on the Garmin stuff. I love the heart rate and pace info. but the software is just so lame and behind the times. I have written them before but nothing has changed. Get it together guys!
I have worked up to a pretty long tempo and it is my most challenging workout of the week. It used to be the long run but now that I'm having to hold my pace for 10 miles, I feel it the next day and that night! I always get a little niggle somewhere. I feel like I'm walking the "fine injury line" after the 8 mile plus tempos. They must be really hard on the body! I'm done now so that's good.
Your mileage is awesome, nice work!!

Running and living said...

I am one of those people who writes down the pace from the Garmin and then types it up on the blog. I think people with Garmin 410 can go on line to Garmin connect, and that gives better graphs and data. I have not tried that - it might work with the 305, but will see. It would be nice to be able to manipulate the data a bit... Doing great work, Katie! Keep it up!

lindsay said...

i think you can embed the charts/graphs from the site? i dunno for sure though... i use the gtc program and then enter it in my spreadsheet...

kristen said...

I don't put farming data on my blog but I use garmin connect and it links well with excel and makes all the pretty graphs etc. I have a 405...but I think the 305 is compatible with the gamin connect website too

kristen said...

I like how garmin autocorrected to farming...

HappyTrails said...

SportTracks is good but I have not yet bought the upgrade to 3. You can export elevation charts, pace, splits, satellite maps, etc. It just depends on how fancy you want to get!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. Totally agree, post marathon is rough with the cut back in training.

I love the "experimental running" title. That's exactly what I've become. My PR clock is ticking LOUDLY and I feel the need to push the limits to see what happens. Love that!

Sorry - I'm no help. I do use the Garmen connect site from time to time, but mostly I'm still a pen and daytimer type of girl, YIKES!

Your mind seems to work similar to mine with all of the training questions, why this, why that. I do rely on the McMillan site a lot. Hope he's right - lol

If you get any answers please blog.