Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One good workout to go with one horrific week

Saturday morning before the snow started (last week), I ran 10 x 400 meters all in 1:26 with one minute jogs between intervals. It was a good workout for me, and I was glad to get in before we lost power that night.

We lost power for three days, which was actually less time than many others in our area. We stayed in the house for two nights, but I opted to take the kids to my parents the third night. (Thank you mom and dad!) It was just getting cold (48 degrees). Losing power in general isn't that big a deal, but we lost all the food in the fridge and came home to find ice cream had melted through the freezer onto the floor and under the fridge. Also, power was out everywhere. That means no gas was available and no stores were open. That was probably the scariest part. Seeing all the stores and gas stations dark.

Power came back and the next morning Kaylee started vomiting. She couldn't keep any fluids down. I called the doctor's office and brought her in. They thought she looked fine and sent us home. I called back a few hours later and they agreed we should take her to the ER. This was stressful for me. Nick stayed with Emily, and I took Kaylee into Boston. We waited over four hours to see a doctor. I was soaked in vomit. Kaylee was exhausted. They gave her an anti nausea drug and IV fluids. Her blood work indicated that she was bad enough to admit to the hospital.

They let us go home the next afternoon, just in time for Emily to have a bad case of croup for the night. The next morning I took her to the doctor's office and she was given a steroid shot.

Everyone in the house is sick and grouchy, but we're doing fine. Hopefully the kids will start feeling better soon. I could write more, but don't have time (and it would probably just sound like whining anyway). It was a crazy week. I'm feeling drained and looking forward to getting back into a routine. I had been planning on running a 5K this past Sunday, but for obvious reasons I was unable to do so. There's another 5K that I might try to run this weekend. We'll see.

How was your week? I hope it was better than mine. ;)


Raina said...

Oh boy. I am full of compassion for you right now! We get frequent power outages, which means no heat and no water (well pump is electric)...it's usually isolated and we can go to my inlaws. I wish we had a stove and an old-fashioned well though! ha!

So, so sorry about your daughter- and hope she is getting her strength back. And that you all don't get it. Sorry you missed your race too- but another time, another PR. :)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

First thing that came to mind was Thank God this is happening after the marathon. Still, sucks big time. I can only imagine the ordeal of taking Kaylee to the ER and waiting around over there. Hope everyone is a little better by now.

That workout is AWESOME, Katie. I have no doubt you will break 20, heck you could break 19! EXCITED for your race!

Michelle said...

So tough dealing with sick kids. Hope you are all feeling back to normal soon!

Yes, officially I am training but have kept it quiet. I am so afraid that I won't make it to the starting line again. there is a part of me that wonders if my body can do 26.2--I have yet to do it without a major injury despite being so careful with my training. Nothing worse than announcing to everyone that you are going to do a marathon, then getting a running ending injury! Maybe if I get past the 16 mile run without pain I will be brave!