Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fastest 20 miler EVA!

Well, my fastest 20 miler to date anyway.

Saturday I had 20 miles planned, but to be honest, I wasn't even sure the run would happen. Things have been a bit crazy around here. When I realized the run would in fact happen, I wasn't sure what to expect from myself. Thursday I ran a hard interval workout and I was assuming the old legs would still be recovering.

I began the run as I begin most of my runs now. Easy. I just ran. I didn't look at my garmin. I just ran. Around 4 or 5 miles I checked my pace, 7:50, and that was fine. And the miles kept flying by. Miles 1 -12 were mostly in the 7:40 range.

Then something happened. The effort felt slightly harder, when my garmin beeped at me, I saw a 7:13. Of course, I then thought I might as well see how long I could maintain that pace. (Apparently, my body wanted to run that fast anyway.) As it turns out, I was able to hold onto that pace pretty well. It's worth mentioning that the last 5 miles were quite hilly. Miles 18 and 19, where I slowed a bit, were the hilliest miles.

Spits for miles 13-20:
13 - 7:13
14 - 7:08
15 - 7:08
16 - 7:08
17 - 7:11
18 - 7:23
19- 7:35
20 - 7:07

The end result was 20 miles with an average pace of 7:30. My fastest ever! I also only drank 6 ounces of water and took 1.5 gels during the run. I didn't feel sick for the day and I'm not sore today. In fact, I ran a hilly 7 miler with the running stroller this morning at 8:50 pace (which is actually a good pace). Anyway, I am really shocked by the whole thing...

So what does this mean for the marathon? Beats me. It was a good run, but it was just one good run. My running mileage and workouts right now are more conducive to running a good 5K or even a good half marathon. I am lacking the endurance necessary to ensure a great marathon (for me). So, no solid goals at this point. I am starting to get excited though! Only two more weeks with mileage increases, one more 20 miler, and then it's time to taper! Woo hoo!

In a day or two, I'll have another post for you. The folks over at Cox Rhode Races are encouraging the runners to run for a cause. There are a ton of charities to choose from, but I hate asking people for money. Well, I've had a change of heart. I recently found out that a close friend from my teenage years has a child with duchenne muscular dystrophy. I'll be trying to raise money for their little boy, Connor. More about all that later...

I hope everyone's training is going stellar! I'll be rooting for all you Boston runners!


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Katie, this is an awesome run! Just amazing to see you run without a plan and then just go for it. And you know, even though your mileage is lower, I think the faster speeds of your runs do make up for some of us. The FIRST program is all about aggressive fast runs and low mileage. So, I think you CAN for sure run a sub 3:15. So excited for you. And I missed running with you. I was going to email you but my 13 miles had a bunch of tempoish miles in. In retrospect, I should have since you ended up running so fast. Ha!

Karen said...

You did awesome! I find that I really fly when I lower the mileage by just 10 MPW or so. Maybe that's it? I think you're going to do wonderfully at whatever goal you set for yourself. :)

Jenn said...

Katie! What an awesome run!!! SUPER finish! 7:30 avg. with final 7 like THAT- I don't even know what your marathon goals are but I have to think that a PR marathon by a LANDSLIDE would have to be considered in the "great" category:) Best of luck to you the next couple of weeks before taper!!!

Raina said...

I love how you go out by feel and just crank out a 7;30 pace 20 miler- then have no soreness afterwards! Not sure why you think you lack endurance, but it seems like maybe only one longer run a week does just fine for you! If this 20 felt so easy, I can imagine what your 26.2 will feel like in a few weeks after a little taper. So excited for you!!

Pam said...

Wow! What a confidence boost as you approach your taper. So excited for you to have a great race in Providence!

Raina said...

I meant to comment on this earlier, but i am really inspired that you have taken on a cause and found a way to help someone else with your race. God speed to you!