Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MIA for a whole month!

Things have been crazy! Not really planning to, we wound up moving! We were sort of thinking about the possibility, but not sure how serious we were. Then we found a place we liked...and moved! Overall, everything went smoothly, but packing up your entire home (at least for me) was extremely stressful. Now we're mostly settled though, and that's nice.

Running hasn't been high on my priority list, so for most of June I was only running 30-35 miles a week. Last week I ran 44 miles, and hopefully this week I'll get to 50. I'm starting to get into training mode for the BayState marathon in the fall. With the move over, I'd love to get back into my normal running routine.

Anyone else running a fall marathon? Have you already started training? I feel a bit behind in my training, but I'm probably okay...


Karen said...

Moving is a huge workout in itself! I find that I'm constantly running around the house until everything is put away.

I'm running a marathon the first weekend of December, so I'm not training specifically for it. I also blend one race training into the next, so I'm more focused on the 50K I'm running in a couple weeks...then I'll worry about the fall marathon :)

Michelle said...

I am running the Half Moon Bay marathon on September 23rd. I originally wanted to run Nike SF, but screwed up the registration and they never received it. Then I was going to run Silicon Valley, but then that got cancelled! I am now waiting for the other shoe to drop on this one. It is only the 2nd year for this race. Stunning course and a small field. Only about 150 ran the full last year. I do my first 20 this Saturday. I did 18 last sat and it was a disaster, so we will see.

Michelle said...

Also I can not believe how big your girls are getting!! They are beautiful!

Pam said...

I hate moving!! It reminds me what a packrat I am. http://pamsinel.blogspot.com/search?q=gu+it+
I am going to do the Santa Barbara half marathon in November. I have wanted to visit that area forever, so I am going as much for the race as I am for the scenery. No marathons in 2012 for me.

Katie said...

@Karen: 50K! Yikes, that sounds crazy! Hope it goes (or went) well! I'll have to visit your site and see the details!

@Michelle: Don't worry about the long run struggles. That will get better. It is strange how fate seems to not want you run a Fall marathon! Hopefully, the Half Moon Bay works out! It sounds pretty cool...(Thanks for the comment about the kids too. They are getting big. It's crazy!)

@Pam: A traveling half sounds great! You're so brave! Will the new sweet pea be going as well?