Saturday, November 24, 2012

A stomach bug, 5K, & another stomach bug

At some point after my last post, little miss Kaylee and Nick came down with a nasty stomach bug. Once we survived the stomach bug, it seemed Kaylee and Emily then had a nasty head/chest cold. Lots of coughing at night and such. Anyway, to make a long story short, we got through the week mostly recovered and just in time for the 5K I had been planning to run.

It's sort of great 5K, in an old school, no timing chips, no frills, small, and fast accurate course kind of way. Though they did manage to lose my friend, AM's, results. Hopefully they fixed that issue (because that's not cool). My high goal for the day was to break my old college PR of 18:24. Looking through my workouts, it seemed like a reasonably good stretch goal. The plan was to go out at 5:50-5:55 pace and then hang on. I crossed mile 1 at 5:58, and just couldn't seem to get my legs moving any faster. I was a little disappointed when I saw my time, because I knew I wasn't going to be able to better that first mile time in the second or third mile. I just wasn't feeling it. So I changed gears. I figured I could still break 19 if I could hang tough. Mile 2 was 6:02. And so there was just that measly 1.1 miles to go. It's funny how the last mile in just about any race can feel so long. By this point, I was uncomfortable, but starting to feel more relaxed and in a zone. My last mile was 5:59, and the last 0.1 was 5:35 pace.

Race Breakdown:
Mile 1: 5:58 (Ave HR = 168)
Mile 2: 6:02 (Ave HR = 175)
Mile 3: 5:59 (Ave HR = 170)
Last .1: 5:35 (Ave HR = 170)
Official 5K time = 18:34

Though I feel like I just wasn't quite right for the race, I'm very pleased with my time, and had a great time with AM. We got to warm up and cool down together, and hopefully we'll get do to some winter half training together too!

My general plan was to run this 5K, then a 10K on Thanksgiving. I've only ever run one 10K and it was some time ago. I was hoping for a solid PR, but alas it was not meant to be. Several hours after the 5K, I started vomiting. I'd say I caught Kaylee's stomach bug, but it seems odd that I would have caught it a whole week was definitely some kind of stomach bug though. It was a good 30 hours or so before I could eat anything solid. And even now that it's been an additional couple of days, I still can't seem to choke down coffee, which is so sad because I love coffee. Anyway, I think I'm taking the rest of week off from running, and then hopefully beginning half marathon training. :)

Besides all the vomiting and running there was Thanksgiving! We had family over our place and it was a great day. Very relaxed. And then Friday we decorated our Christmas tree! Decorating the tree became a tradition of ours before the kids were born. We don't like to shop, and it seems there's nothing to do the Friday after Thanksgiving that isn't completely mobbed, so we thought staying home and decorating the tree would be nice. It is really nice. We decorated the tree, made cookies, and the kids just played.

Here I am being a goofball. ;)

And here's our tree.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Karen said...

That is an awesome 5K time! Glad you're feeling a little better. I'd be sad without coffee too.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Congrats again on the 5K. Well done, particularly since you were feeling a bit off. Interesting that you sped up in that last mile yet your HR went down. I wonder whether getting more relaxed had something to do with that. Still no word on my 5K official time, but since the lady told me the time, I am OK with it.
The only time I did not want coffee was when I was preggo...Hopefully these few days at home are recharging your batteries. Love that pic of you:)

Lisa said...

You are F.A.S.T! Nice run, especially if you were already harvesting a bug.

I'm with you - can't stand the shopping and never left my house since Thanksgiving.

Raina said...

Well...your not quite right 5k still is pretty impressive! I love reading your pace goals- and I have to agree with your strategy.

Sorry you got sick :( There is a great 10k waiting to come!

That tree is beautiful! We should put ours up earlier this year. I love hunting for a tree- that's our little tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving, Katie!

Michelle said...

Pretty tree!

Amazing job of course on the 5K.

Hope the sickness is gone for you guys for the year. You certainly have had more than your share.

happy thanksgiving weekend!

Pam said...

Wow! If that's what you can do when you are under the weather, you are in fabulous shape!

Alicia Hudelson said...

Wow!! That's an awesome time. It sounds like maybe you were even just getting warmed up at the end, too, so maybe there is a super fast 10k in your future?

Tia said...

That is an EXCELLENT 5K!! Very nice consistent splits! You even picked it up in that last 1.1 mile which is hard to do! Thanks for sharing your pace goals. I feel like the 5K is such a challenging race. SO little room for error and I know I have much to learn about myself and racing 5k's.

Glad you are feeling better. We have definitely had our share of stomach bugs this year. Sometimes we will have one or two of the kids get it and then no one for a few days and someone else will get it a week later- like what happened to you. I don't understand why the delay but it has happened more than once like that around our house. If we make it over a week then I know we must be in the clear!